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hariette spierings hariette at easynet.co.uk
Tue Aug 27 08:26:45 MDT 1996

>Just a couple of quotes on democracy from a source hopefully acceptable to
>Louis P:
>"In reality classes are heterogenious: they are torn by inner antagonisms and
>arrive at the solution of common problems no otherwise than through the inner
>struggle of tendencies, groups and parties."  Leon Trotsky, Revolution
>"Democratization of the soviets is impossible without the legalization of
>soviet parties.  The workers and peasants themselves by their own free will
>will indicate what parties they recognize as soviet parties."  --Transitional
>This approach toward democracy in a workers state was expanded by Ernest
>Mandel in the 70s to include bourgeois as well as "soviet" parties.
>My point is that Cuba falls far short of any reasonable concept of democracy,
>workers or otherwise.  Without the competition of political parties -- and I
>might add a civil society to nurture such parties (free speech, press, etc.)
>-- the use of the term "democracy" is pure fraud.  Without democracy workers
>cannot rule in a workers state. Period!  Period!  Period!
>How do you like them apples?

That only proves that in that matter Trotsky's menshevism (social-democracy)
shows thru!

Still, the question is clear, a proletarian dictatorship or a bourgeois talk
shop!  Trotsky spoke with both sides of his mouth, proletarian dictatorship
AND talk shop according to how the wind blew.  Alphanumeric just wants the
talk shop.


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