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But first, please focus your attention to the following call concerning
an Iranian asylum seeker in specific and the refugee-question in general.
One could conclude that only the opening of borders for people fleeing
>from misery and suppression (mostly cultivated by the West) could resolve
this problem finally...

Please spread this message as widely as possible on the Internet and beyond.

SOS  to  Concerned Parties and Activists

The Dutch Newspaper "The Brabants Dagblaad" reported twice last week on the
disgusting treatment of    AMIR MAZLOOM BOHRAM an Iranian asylum seeker who
has been on hunger strike for 13 weeks.  Mr. BOHRAM aged 27  has been in
the Netherlands since 1994 and the hospitality extended by the Dutch
authorities to him, so far has been detention and punishment in a series of
various police lock-ups, detention camps, prisons and now finally he has
been interned in the infamous KONING WILLEM II Internment Camp in Tilburg.

The regime in WIILEM II is well known to human rights activists, and the
slave labour there allows the Director a lavish lifestyle with $50,000
parties for himself  and the 300 guards employed to detain and punish the
400 inmates all foreigners,  mainly of Midlle Eastern, Bosnian or African

Isolation CAGES are used to detain those who initially disagree with the
harsh labour and the boot  camp regime (unknown anywhere else in the
AMIR MAZLOOM BOHRAM is in a weak and thoroughly degenerated state of
health, he is depressed and rather than being in a hospital he is caged in
an isolation unit which is bitterly cold freezing at night and
uncomfortably hot in the day time (the regime controls the thermostats,
lights and even the water in the WC).
His correspondence (if he has the money for a stamp), telephone calls and
conversations are all meticulously censored and taped.

Unlike the African hunger strikes on French soil, the Netherlands handles
such affairs clinically and far away from cameras.  AMIR's lawyer has been
unable to discuss his client's condition even with prison pastor's who are
sworn to secrecy at this Internemt Camp.  AMIR MAZLOOM BOHRAM will die if
not moved to a proper medical facility soon.  He has no will to be dumped
on an aircraft back to Tehran where his fate will be EVIN prison and more
abuse.   An appeal on his asylum application refusal will be lodged
seperately, in the meantime all activists are asked to please e-mail the
Chairman of the Board of Visitors for the Koning Willem II camp asking that
AMIR MAZLOOM BOHRAM be remopved from the Isolation cages and transferred to
a facility where he may obtain proper medical treatment away from the
digusting regime of K. Follings the infamous manager of the regime in
Willem II.

Suggested text BY E-MAIL OR FAX :

To:  Antonm van Kalmthout
     Chairman Board of Visitors (Commissie van Toezicht)
     Koning Willem II Detention Camp for Foreigners
     c/o University of Tilburg,
     Faculty of Law
     PO Box 90153, Tilburg
     The Netherlands

     e-mail address:    A.M.vKalmthout at   Fax No. +31 13  4668102

     copy to Penose Magazine, e-mail address  J.J.M.vHoek at


Dear Mr. van Kalmthout,

The international community is receiving reports of the condition of the
health of Mr. AMIR MAZLOOM BOHRAM a young Iranian who is currently detained
in punishment isolation units in the Koning Willem II Internment Camp in
the Netherlands. Mr. Bohram is in the midst of a grave and long hunger
strike and a resultant deteriorating state of health.

It is a known fact that the regime empowered to operate this scandalous
facility, in a so-cqlled civilized society,  normally utilizes these
isolation units for punitary purposes, there is no sound justification
whatsoever to detain a 27 year old asylum seeker -- from country which has
a well known horrendous record of state sponsored torture, murder and
homocide.  Mr. Bohram has been subjected to further infringements of his
human rights and fundamental freedom since his arrival in the Netherlands
in May 1994, such as forced feeding in the Scheveningen Remand Center
before being transported to the last post in your system the notorious
Willem II Internment Camp.  You are asked to consider the following actions
to ensure a humane treatment of Mr. Bohram:

i.  As Chairman of the Board of Governor's for this facility you are urged
to reconsider your recent decision to support the inhumane action of J.
Follings (Manager)  to continue the detention of Mr. AMIR MAZLOOM BOHRAM in
punitary isolation units at this spartan former military garrison.

ii. Your are urged to allow his legal counsel and other interested parties
the liberty to discuss his conditions and state of health with prison
pastors and medical staff and immediately halt the news "blackout"
currently enforced by the camp regime.

iii.You are requested to ensure that Mr. BOHRAM is not subjected to further
punitive measures by the regime when released from isolation units and that
he is not placed in coerced labour crews doing any sort of work. You are
requested to ensure thast Mr. Bohram receives proper medication and is
allowed adequate nutritious food which will not infringe the dietary laws
associated with his religion.

Separate actions will be taken by International Human Rights activists to
stop the deporatation of Mr. Bohram to the Islamic Republic of Iran at high
political and other levels in the Netherlands,  it is asked only that YOU
and your BOARD members ensure that this 27 year old asylum seeker is spared
>from being subjected to any further cruel treatment which has been
inflicted so far, in particular his right to life and physical and
psychological integrity in accordance with your national laws and
international standards.

Very truly yours,


By an anonymous correspondent in The Nederlands
(mail your responces to hiworld at and they'll be forwarded)

Please have in mind that this is just one case of maltreathment of
political refugees. All over Europe concentration camps are being build
and people are being send back to misery and repression. Some months ago
a Peruan refugee was send back by the Swedish government and tortured at
his arrival by the intelligence forces of the dictotarial fujimori
regime. It's absurd to make a difference between economical and political
refugees since they're fleeing from the misery that the industrialised
world mostly created, both economically and politically. The Somalia
tragedy for example was mostly created by the forced privatisation of
agriculture by the International Monetary Fund. The genocidal dictator
Fujimori, for example, is backed by the US because of economical intrests.

Please organise against these crimes and make as much people aware of
this as possible.


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