Support against Hans' "psycho" kick-out plan?

Louis N Proyect lnp3 at
Tue Aug 27 09:05:46 MDT 1996

On Tue, 27 Aug 1996, Rolf Martens wrote:

> Thanks for that. And I'm taking up the same position with
> regards to you.
> Rolf M.

Louis: Look, Swedish meatballs, nobody is expelling you from anyplace.
There will always be an unmoderated list where you can extol the pleasures
of eating plutonium or call for Trotskyist parties 173 times a day. The
problem is that you don't know how to "fit in". Other Maoists or
"Stalinists" like Adolfo or Louis Godena are deeply engaged with the list,
while Rolf is in orbit with his breeder reactors. Some Trotskyists like
Jim Miller and Adam Rose are always engaged with the other person's
arguments and I always look forward to clashing with them. Malecki's
"Trotskyism" is such a caricature of the real thing that it basically
prevents him from having a debate with anybody on this list. If this list
was a big room with people milling about in groups of three or four having
intense discussions, Malecki would be somebody on the sidewalk outside
with a bullhorn walking around in a circle, saying the same thing over and
over again: "We need Trotskyist parties". This doesn't invite debate. It
invites pity or scorn. I wish I had the ability to feel more of the former
than the latter, but I learned long ago that I am in incorrigibly
obnoxious jerk.

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