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<< Subject: Re: MIM summary on Quispe (distortions)
 [Gina says]

 <<[G] Actually, mim3, it was the publication "El Diario" in Lima,
 not the individual Arce Borja who conducted the interview in
 1988. Your boss Adolfo was the one distorting the historical
 record when he put Arce's name on each question.  The only
 place in the original publication that LAB's name appears is on
 the front cover, where he is listed along with Janet Talavera (who
 Adolfo didn't even bother to mention, although she paid with her
 life for being associated with that interview).

 <<MIM replies: You say it was on the front cover of the originals,
 but Quispe didn't put it on the front cover or anywhere. >>>

Gina responds: Uh, MIM, what "front cover"?  The New Flag has
not re-published the interview in hard copy form.

MIM replies: This is feigned ignorance and you know it you
dishonest scum. Quispe posted his shit HERE!! And it did not
contain either Janet T.'s name or LAB's name!!! And we
already had the fight here and you KNOW it. Why do you
waste our time dodging this?
<<[MIM]Between you and me Gina, I know you know that LAB
 has always been presented as the one who did the interview.>>

Gina: "Between you and me" nothin'!  I have NEVER seen a
publication of the interview, except for Adolfo's childish postings
[MIM:This is not a reflection on the availability of the interview;
it is a reflection on your false internationalism. Availability
is an excuse for the masses. For you there were several sources
since you claimed to be Maoist.]
earlier this year, that put LAB in the direct role of "author" of the
interview.  The English translation published by RCP's Committee
to Support the Revolution in Peru, 1991, lists the interview as
 having been conducted by the "co-editors of El Diario, Luis Arce
Borja and Janet Talavera." (Informally at the time that translation
came out, it was suggested that the questions were composed
by the PCP itself, not by the El Diario staff.)  If you know of some
other publication that attributed the interview exclusively to LAB,
please cite it specifically.  Your unsupported assertions are
getting tiresome.

MIM replies: That wasn't the issue and you know it. Quispe could
have said JT and LAB, but he didn't. And if you haven't seen
the interview in any other format, that's because you only paid
attention when an alleged Peruvian representing the PCP-CC spoke
to you. MIM has brought attention to it repeatedly and long
before Quispe arrived. You are in fact a perfect case of
false internationalism. You paid no attention to what was happening
in MIM Notes or on the INTERNET with regard to MIM's calls
to do the work, and read the documents, but when New
Flag set up its phony shit, you were all over it.

<<[MIM] The other thing you talk about is the "offensive" [MIM's
 word, not mine --G] work Quispe does by translating. However,
 this reeks of false internationalism. I'm pretty sure you know that
 there were numerous organizations working on translation before
 Quispe showed up. You can check our old ftp site for one, and
 you will find Spanish, French and English documents of the PCP
 dated before Quispe lifted a finger.>>>

Gina: Actually, I do NOT know about other "numerous organizations
working on translation before Quispe showed up".  If others have
[MIM: And the reason you
and other false internationalists don't know is that you didn't
care AND these other translators  weren't "glory-seekers" enough!]
[Gina continues]
been translating PCP documents, that's fine.  My point is that none
of these translations have been made as accessible to the masses
as the New Flag has made them.  I don't know about your "old ftp
site"; you don't publicize the address of it, and the broad masses
of the proletariat don't have access to it anyway.

MIM replies: This is VERY revealing. What we have is a
combination of false internationalism AND a mystification of
how Quispe gets his work done. If you had paid attention
or if the other people working with Quispe had paid attention,
they could have been working with MIM MUCH earlier and they
could have put it out in your favorite NETSCAPE fashion
(though you later argue it's for the semi-proletariat.)
(and it would have been your duty to argue that web documents
are what turns you and other people on.)
There is no reason to put up with leaders who sanction
anti-Semitism just to get this work done. Quispe doesn't even
do his own translating. All the same work could be done
WITHOUT degrading the PCP!
And, I don't recall any PCP documents advertised for sale in
MIM notes or in your list of available rading matter when I ordered
some things from you several years ago.You don't say what's

MIM replies: Of course you don't, because you are a false
internationalist, only interested in something if someone
claims to be PCP-CC-sent like Quispe used to. You
are the perfect target for RCP schemes.

In fact, the first published English excerpt of the Interview
in the world appeared in MIM Notes. But you took no notice.
You didn't offer to drive to Chicago to distribute that FREE literature.
You didn't come to us and say, what you have a few hundred
pounds of literature, let me get you some more and go distribute it!
You weren't chasing around people around the country.

Someone had to claim to be PCP-CC-sent before you half-way woke up.
If you had been for doing this work all along, you had the
duty to come to MIM and help get it done. CSRP was doing
translating; MIM was doing translating; AO was doing translating;
prisoners were doing translating and a very important leader
behind this work and in distributing the documents was LAB!
It was him urging on MIM before Quispe even arrived! If more
people like you Gina had been working with MIM, maybe LAB
would never have had anything to do with Quispe! AO and LAB
got frustrated with the pace over here and they sanctioned

And you didn't know that because anarchists like you and
Quispe's mask were too busy calling LAB and MIM "glory-seekers" and
"traffickers" respectively. Well maybe if LAB had been
more of a "glory-seeker" you'd know what he had done! You'd
know just how much literature was already cranked out in Europe,
but I suppose that wasn't in your face except through MIM
and therefore you didn't care about it. PROVINCIALISM and
false internationalism go together.

Do you ever stop to think before attacking proletarian
organizations and individuals? Do you ask yourself,
"do my own attacks on them hold together?" If you did, you
wouldn't be accusing people of "glory-seeking" and simultaneously
not being known for their work.

<< MIM replies: Gina, I don't know exactly how long you've known
 Quispe, but guess who was the leading exponent of the lineyou
 are now criticizing? It was Quispe.>>>

Gina: Well, excuuuuuse me MIM.  So what you're saying is that
when "Agent Quispe" was that typical white kid growing up in
Harlem in the 50's (as per the campbell's soup/ looney toons Quispe
bio published by EYEnet), he thought that peace was "cool"?

MIM replies: No Gina, you ripped this out of context. You said
LAB is against struggling over the peace accords thing. We
are not talking about a simple pro-peace accords line. We are
talking about the idea that these Canto Grande weed-signer people should
be cast out of the party!

It used to be Quispe telling MIM just like Adolfo tells you now,
"not six of this and half dozen of the other!" Quispe used to
pretend to be ultra-pro-LAB while sabotaging the LAB work in the
background. Quispe has now SWITCHED positions, because it is
no longer convenient for him.

I'm tired of your quoting Quispe out of context and for whatever
purpose you want, because at one point or another he has advocated
every available position! What the hell does it prove to quote him?
Either you are lying that you oppose the Co-RIM or you are lying
when you try to make Quispe out to be someone of some consistent principle,
because Quispe has distributed Co-RIM documents calling for

And you aren't really for throwing out the Canto Grande weed-signers
if you conciliate with the people who don't want them thrown out!
So don't be surprised when we don't take you seriously!

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