"Uppity" Proyect!

Robert Malecki malecki at algonet.se
Tue Aug 27 12:26:28 MDT 1996

>Louis: Look, Swedish meatballs, nobody is expelling you from anyplace.
>There will always be an unmoderated list where you can extol the pleasures
>of eating plutonium or call for Trotskyist parties 173 times a day. The
>problem is that you don't know how to "fit in". Other Maoists or
>"Stalinists" like Adolfo or Louis Godena are deeply engaged with the list,
>while Rolf is in orbit with his breeder reactors. Some Trotskyists like
>Jim Miller and Adam Rose are always engaged with the other person's
>arguments and I always look forward to clashing with them. Malecki's
>"Trotskyism" is such a caricature of the real thing that it basically
>prevents him from having a debate with anybody on this list. If this list
>was a big room with people milling about in groups of three or four having
>intense discussions, Malecki would be somebody on the sidewalk outside
>with a bullhorn walking around in a circle, saying the same thing over and
>over again: "We need Trotskyist parties". This doesn't invite debate. It
>invites pity or scorn. I wish I had the ability to feel more of the former
>than the latter, but I learned long ago that I am in incorrigibly
>obnoxious jerk.

What is happening is that the M1 is being killed by you and the spoon
moderaters. We do not want another list. This ones works fine. If you want
another list along the lines of M2 or whatever fine. Do it. But stop trying
to kill M1..

As far as the other stuff is concerned. Better to call for "Trotskyist"
parties then support Menshevik politics like you Louis. As I said before you
are a synical ex-SwPer moving to the right with "broad" Menshevik policies
of a family of revolutionaries.

You are trying to turn party politics into the solidarity movements you once
supported and built. But there is a difference between solidarity work and
politics. Especially when that solidarity politically means betraying the
workers and peasants who tried to make a revolution like the Sandinistas who
sold out to the bourgeoise and you supported it.

Just as in Cuba your support to the Cuban revolution is to  defend the
Castroite leadership uncritically and their capitalation to the Stalinists
in Mosco.

In both cases Louis a petty bougeois intellectual that would not know
anything about fighting for Trotskyism. In fact just another intellectual
creep that has turned his back to the masses in order to support what ever
at present stands at the head of the movements.

Naturally i understand that you hate to debate with anybody that has got
your number Louis. Much better to throw smoke around debating state caps
like Adam.
And of course your answer to my "We need Trotskyist" parties is to counter
with a lot of slander and name calling, but politically a call for a "Broad"
left where everybody agrees to disagree. You hate Leninism, You hate
Democratic centralism, You hate party discipline, you hate Trotskyists and
you hate the Fourth International.

Well, the Trotskyists have been around awhile Louis and we still have not
given up.

This projects itself in many different ways. Not in the least of the
enormous amount of groups Internationally that have Trotskyist roots.

What has become of the New Left and all the petty bougeois radicals like
yourself Louis. They have either gone on to make careers and families, or
like yourself hang around as a bunch of groupies supporting this and that
and what ever comes along. Well i guess there is a need for the likes of you
despite your rotten politics.

However the need for Bolshevik Leninist parties in order to change things is
the central issue of our time. It has been the central issue since 1914. But
you do not understand any of this. Because you are a product of the petty
bougeois new left that came out of the post war exceptional situation. In
fact I think that Aldolfo, Rolf,Quispe, Neil or Gina just to name a few I
have far more respect for on this question and that is why the fights
between us are sharp and should be!

But working class kids and poor people approach things in a far different
way then you do Louis. They have never had the privileges that you have had.
In fact your education is being used on this list to try and better people
who do not have your formal education.

But your remarks about it are like flyshit or even better cockroach shit
when directed at people who,s backgrounds see this debate not as some sort
of playground but a question of life and death.

But you would not understand it. The circles you want to travel in are
"marxists" of the better sort who speak nicely and use rhetoric that the
left has made so popular.
I doubt if any of you ever have had and empty stomach.

In fact much of your language is both racist and anti poor and working class
that you have been using against me since i came on this list. You made fun
of my background, my book, my appeal and my way of life so far. The main
point being how dare anybody with my background say anything and even worse
stand for what he says..

Or is things like "philthy lumpen" better then you fucking kike jew bastard?

Of course to you it is. Because you attack quispe for his jewbaiting and use
racist slurs and putdowns for poor and working class people here on this
list.But you baiting is no better then the Quispe stuff .. In fact worse
because it is directed at people who find it hard to defend themselves.

So much for  principles Louis. I accuse you of both hating and fearing
working class and poor people. You are a racist and putdown artist against
poor and working class people. You use your cleverness as a hammer to build
rotten blocks with other intellectual creeps on the list in putting down the
poor and working class "slodder" like Malecki. How dare him write a book
about his experiences. How dare him defend himself based on his life
experiences rather then the local fucking library.

Like i said Louis. Some day poor and working class people are going to get
it together despite you Menshevik politics and anti poor and working class
Then we will put you to work for the revolution or in jail because your
supporting counter-revolution.

Naturally your present tactics along with spoon moderaters perhaps will set
up barriers on the lists and Internet for poor and working class people an
their style can perhaps prevent us from getting into some of you "uppity"
forums. But then again
you will not be allowed to do this without the possibilties of taking this
up in wider circles then the present majority on spoon, the lists or Internet.

Against the uppity attitude of our "marxist" intellectuals who think that
their shit does not stink!

Stop the shutdown of M1.

Against intellectual elitism and ivory tower behavior as the norm for
existence on
the marxism lists and Internet..

Against intellectual racism directed at people with poor and working class

Without us their will not be a revolution!

Long live the Poeble.

Bob Malecki

PS: Louis a short message from one "Swedish Meatball"..And you feelings of
"pity and scum"...

How about kike prick Louis. How does it feel to be called a kike prick
Louis? Or how about Wetback or greaser Louis?

In fact the above is the program for facism Louis. And you are unconciously
supporting the very basis of facist ideology actually by condeming my call
for Trotskyist parties! Because if workers don.t start screaming in
Megaphones about Communism or workers power or Trotskyism then they will be
following your racist line. And they will be using the above names..Here in
Sweden they sat "Black skulls" for Turks, Africans, and Latin Americans..

Your call for hate the Trotskyists, hate the urban poor on this list is not
to far from hate niggers and hate kikes in fact. But to me there is a big
difference. But you would never understand it in your crowd. But the Nazis
understand it and so do I..

And your attitude will push workers into the arms of the Nazis!

bob malecki

Note; Uppity is a classical word used during slavery for blacks who were
sucking up to the powers that be. The real heroes like John Brown were murdered!

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