Louis N Proyect lnp3 at columbia.edu
Tue Aug 27 12:31:58 MDT 1996

Doug, the list has the atmosphere of Saul Bellow's "The Dangling Man", the
story of a man awaiting to be shipped out in WWII. You have Martens and
Malecki writing protests, numerous posts describing "what should be done"
and very little of political substance. Someone named "ang" bawled us out.
Me, I can understand because I am a total asshole. But what does she want
>from you? She objected to us correcting Malecki's grammar.

I have been in some communication with Ken about the new mailing lists,
but--just between the two of us--he has not been feeding me enough
information about just what the fuck he is putting together.

I think the basic problem is the Spoons collective itself. As long as they
have any kind of power, we will be lurching from one crisis to another.


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