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Date: Tue, 27 Aug 1996 11:55:49 -0600
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Subject: Silly Malecki

The nonsense and recriminations, accusations and paranoia that have
been exhibited on this list the last few days are the BEST ARGUMENT
for turning off this list right now.  People who are suggesting ideas
for new-formed list/s or are actually carrying on substantive threads
on race or religion, that is the ONLY REASON for leaving the list
running for now.  IMO

Is it not clear yet that there will be an unmoderated general list?

So, if you are so sure that it will be better than a moderated list,
and you think so many people agree with you, then you can all join
that list and be happy together!!

Mind you, this is NOT because anyone has a "right" for Spoon to
provide volunteer technical support for their postings, NOT because
of the cynical and self-serving use of the claim of bourgeois "free
speech".  All these claims that everything spoon does is for the
purpose of "gagging" you is ridiculous, partly because you have no
respect for the wishes of some others to not get all your stuff in
their mailboxes.


MIM replies: The above is the property claim of the technocrat.
You are already doing the labor on a volunteer basis and
allowing Rolf Martens to stay on doesn't alter that one bit.

Perhaps that is what Hans meant, that IF he were to throw people
out, they'd be Quispe, Malecki and Rolf, which would be
a pretty good set of choices in that order. Perhaps he
didn't mean to say there wouldn't be a place for Rolf.

Since Malecki lies about the people on this list factually
speaking to the outside world, I've lost sympathy for his plea
for free speech. The whole photos affair was ghastly.
Quispe should not be allowed to speak anywhere,
though practically speaking we can be sure cops will get their

I can vouch that Rolf Martens raises issues that used to
be important in the 1970s; it's like a flashback on Hua
and Deng. It's always possible that history will repeat
itself and some communist organizations will fall for the
Rolf Martens line on Hua, Deng and the Four.
His environmental stuff is definitely anti-proletarian,
and should be rebutted.

It is correct to oppose psy-war, except against the
bourgeoisie, and even then we should be careful not
to confuse our own camp by giving psy-war legitimacy.
I don't really care WHY Rolf Martens says what he says,
certainly not in terms of girl friends. If he were in the
pay of the nuclear industry, that would be important to
know, but in itself it would not make him wrong. Unlike
Quispe who is actually taking in people and hurting them
by the use of lies, Rolf relies on no such mechanism.

Lisa's technocratic property angle is important across
the INTERNET. It is important to rebut it whenever
it is a non-sequitor as the above. Otherwise Al Gore
will figure out how to make everything so expensive
that we will be all more self-censored than the AP and UPI.

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