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Tue Aug 27 12:59:56 MDT 1996

Doug, no the world wasn't supposed to read that, but I am very close to
the edge of screaming at everybody. I can't stand behind-the-scenes
maneuvering. The Spoons people wrote the book on this. My tendency is to
do exactly what I'm doing now: tell the world about it. At any rate, the
bottom line is that I have everybody's email address filed away if I need
to get in touch with people. Humph, what the Internet needs is a way to
put together mailing lists without all the bureaucracy. The Spoons people,
for all of their talk of 'liberation', remind me of characters out of a
Kafka novel, especially Hans.


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At 2:31 PM 8/27/96, Louis N Proyect wrote:

>Doug, the list has the atmosphere of Saul Bellow's "The Dangling Man", the
>story of a man awaiting to be shipped out in WWII. You have Martens and
>Malecki writing protests, numerous posts describing "what should be done"
>and very little of political substance. Someone named "ang" bawled us out.
>Me, I can understand because I am a total asshole. But what does she want
>from you? She objected to us correcting Malecki's grammar.
>I have been in some communication with Ken about the new mailing lists,
>but--just between the two of us--he has not been feeding me enough
>information about just what the fuck he is putting together.
>I think the basic problem is the Spoons collective itself. As long as they
>have any kind of power, we will be lurching from one crisis to another.

Lou -

Did you mean for the world to see this?

I'm not sure it's good there are two sets of multiple Marxlists in the making.


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