Per B. re: A DOE John Doe "fossil" kick, or what?

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Tue Aug 27 13:24:18 MDT 1996

Per B. re: A DOE  John Doe "fossil" kick, or what?  [Fwd: 27.08.96]

[Per Bergquist <en9305 at>, who sent "A
marxist in the leash of an oilsheik" to '', which I
forwarded to this list, today mailed me in Swedish the below,
with express permission to quote. - RM]

I'm trying a direct hit this time!

Even if your views in absolutely most of the cases have a
negative effect on my blood pressure, and surely on that of
others, there's no reason for anyone to ban them.

Views, like manure, exist in order to be disseminated.
You don't have to believe in, or accept, others' views.
In the case that you hold that someone is disseminating
errors and/or strangenesses, you'll have to take it upon
yourself to correct that.

This is the very basis of the Internet.

Party-politically non-attached, rabid non-socialist!
That's what I am, and to that I stand.

In case of need, quoting of the above is allowed.

Best regards,


[So far Per B.]

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