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TimW333521 at aol.com wrote:
> Just a couple of quotes on democracy from a source hopefully acceptable to
> Louis P:
> "In reality classes are heterogenious: they are torn by inner antagonisms and
> arrive at the solution of common problems no otherwise than through the inner
> struggle of tendencies, groups and parties."  Leon Trotsky, Revolution
> Betrayed.
> "Democratization of the soviets is impossible without the legalization of
> soviet parties.  The workers and peasants themselves by their own free will
> will indicate what parties they recognize as soviet parties."  --Transitional
> Program.
> This approach toward democracy in a workers state was expanded by Ernest
> Mandel in the 70s to include bourgeois as well as "soviet" parties.
> My point is that Cuba falls far short of any reasonable concept of democracy,
> workers or otherwise.  Without the competition of political parties -- and I
> might add a civil society to nurture such parties (free speech, press, etc.)
> -- the use of the term "democracy" is pure fraud.  Without democracy workers
> cannot rule in a workers state. Period!  Period!  Period!
> How do you like them apples?

I doubt that this arguement is acceptable to Louis P. and it certainly
isn't acceptable to me. It is another example of someone talking at
people without listening to, or just not understanding, what has been
said previously.

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