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Date: Tue, 27 Aug 1996 00:20:37 -0800
From: djones at uclink.berkeley.edu (rakesh bhandari)
Subject: Re: Race
[Rakesh says]
Quoting from someone else, I did indicate why the injection of surplus
value through unequal exchange or plunder would not prove sufficient to
overcome economic crisis in the US,  which will provide the objective
conditions  in which a *mass* subjective readiness could indeed develop.
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MIM replies: We thought SC's post "2. Exploitation and Value Flow"
was good. It was loyal to the labor theory of value and
helped people to understand how automation might be the same thing
as being a finance capitalist. This rebuts Doug who has yet
to retract the idea that surplus-value is only obtained by
those who extract it at the point of production; even
though Marx clearly refuted him.

The idea that there will be a crisis, particularly one tied
up with militarism IS our line too, though Rakesh hasn't been
reading enough of our stuff to know it. We believe the
anarchy of production is where the action is to a large extent
for us in the imperialist countries.
The competition amongst the capitalists causes environmental
disaster and war.

Whether in such a crisis as described by another poster,
the solution is for people to cheerlead for wage demands
of semi-proletarians, that is another question entirely.
In Paris, 1968, the government after nearly abdicating
did get up the guts to give out widespread wage hikes.
Then that was the end. We don't need that again.

We aren't in favor of tightening the alliance of the semi-proletariat
with imperialism. If we take the blame for losing
wage struggles we lose and if we accept credit for
re-wedding the semi-proletariat to the imperialists for
even higher unexploited pay, we lose again.
So we have to know which semi-proletarian demands
are progressive and which are not.

The proletariat can put forward its way of
ending environmental and militarist disaster.
True, we will have to overcome petty-bourgeois
modes of thinking on improving the environment through
individual lifestyle change, but it is possible
for us put this demand forward with good effect.

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