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Siddharth Chatterjee siddhart at
Tue Aug 27 15:25:23 MDT 1996

On Tue, 27 Aug 1996, Lisa Rogers wrote:

> Is it not clear yet that there will be an unmoderated general list?
> So, if you are so sure that it will be better than a moderated list,
> and you think so many people agree with you, then you can all join
> that list and be happy together!!

It is really hilarious to watch the suddenly increased levels of
frenetic activity by the two targeted individuals, Malecki and Martens,
targeted that is, for possible ex-communication. It is a reflection on
the human need to belong to some kind of a society and is a good testimony
against the mythology of "individualism" propagated by bourgeois ideology.

Inspite of doubling up with laughter, I would advise them to calm
down. But I do not understand the logic of Lisa's sentence above.
If there is going to be an un-moderated list, then why not let this be it;
i.e., leave this one (M1) alone. If you want to form other lists, then go
ahead and form them as you did M2.

It also looks like Louis Proyect is once again having his
professorial tantrums about banning certain types of people. A few months
ago, he had engaged in similar antics when he wanted to ban some
'Maoists' from the list. This lead to the formation of M2, a moderated
list, probably frequented by more academically-oriented people. Louis
left M1 in a huff (he even wrote a farewell letter). However, within
a matter of days, he was back, perhaps because he missed the rough
and tumble of M1. Which was good, and I have enjoyed some of his more
incisive posts. Since then, he has mended fences with those, whose very
expulsion he had called for earlier, so much so, that even the redoubtable
Louis Godena has started addressing him by his real name.

Now once again Louis and others are calling for effective censorship and
creation of new lists even while M2 already exists. I request the
Spoons Administrators to create other lists if people demand, but leave
this one alone.


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