Responsibility for failed youth movements

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Tue Aug 27 16:10:13 MDT 1996

Louis P reveals deep incomprehension of the French events of May 1968:

>The context was
>the mass antiwar movement that had involved the French student massively.
>The front-line activists of the student strike were Maoists, Trotskyists
>and Anarchists. They could have "detonated" nothing without the mass
>movement. The tragedy of the French and American student movements is that
>it remained mired in the ultraleft posture of the late 1960s when
>objective conditions had changed. If the student movement had stayed in
>touch with reality, then the 1980s and 1990s would have possibly been
>periods of growth rather than decline.

Not a word about the mighty French Communist Party and its role in crushing
the revolt of the youth and the workers.

The tragedy of the student movements of the time is that they were unable
to cope with the machinations of Stalinist leaderships such as the French
CP, the Chinese bureaucracy and the Vietnamese bureaucracy.

Students and youth movements are very sensitive barometers of social
pressure, they are not the social pressure themselves. That comes from the
mass of the workers, and the success or not of this pressure in changing
conditions depends on the revolutionary character of the leadership.



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