the end is coming, long live the next generation

Lisa Rogers LROGERS at
Tue Aug 27 16:47:02 MDT 1996

>>> Siddharth Chatterjee <siddhart at>  8/27/96, 03:25pm
If there is going to be an un-moderated list, then why not let this
be it; i.e., leave this one (M1) alone.

Sorry if you don't like it, but that decision has been made.  I'm not
up to reciting my view of the reasons and discussion that went into
it, suffice it to say that I think there is no good reason that it
has to be made into a big deal or a problem at all.

Everyone will simply have to take the minimal action of actually
subbing to the new unmod general list, if that is what they want.
And/or to the moderated, international emphasis general list, and/or
to any other lists that are or become available.

Ain't life rough?


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