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[Phony communist Godena says]
True enough,  Rakesh,  advances in immunology and protein chemistry over the
past fifty years have had the corollary of proving that fully 75 per cent of
human monomorphic proteins are common to ALL populations.    Nor do
exhaustive studies of highly polymorphic gene types reveal any
discrimination in occurrence between one "racial group" and another.
There is,  as you imply,  simply no sound genetic basis for the division of
humanity into categorically defined races.    Unfortunately,  MIM believes
that it is sufficient merely to assert.    A reflection, no doubt,  on their
own efforts to fashion a "scientific" thesis based on such hasty pudding
productions as Mr.  Saki's *Settlers*,  quite possibly the most foolishly
argued bit of reductio ad absurdum I have ever read.

MIM replies: We never said anything about races being genetically
defined and even Rakesh said from the beginning we were talking
about zero percent heritability. You disinform the readers,
while it has been us actually distributing the books you merely

You would like to avoid talking about racism and national oppression
Mr. Godena, but in so doing you BETRAY the CP-USA when it was a real

Try this on for size Mr. Godena:
all italicized by the CP-USA

"They, the white workers, must boldly jump at the throat of the
100 percent bandits who strike a Negro in the face. This Struggle
will be the test of real international solidarity of the American
white workers." from a 1931 CP-USA leaflet quoting the CP-USA
organ The Communist

Philip S. Foner & Herbert Shapiro, American Communism and Black
Americans: A Documentary History, 1930-1934, p. 159

And for this Gina would be making jokes about her chocolate milk
while you watch passively and approvingly. Matt D. will tell
post-modern jokes defending your post-Marxist party's
chauvinist reductionism without any reaction
>from you but favor.

You see Mr. Godena, we take your party's history more seriously
than you do. So does Sakai. We both refer to "white workers" as a
readily understood phrase and it's one thing for Rakesh
to raise obscure minutiae against us and it's another for
you to be calling us crazy.

Not only did the CP-USA in its correct phase speak of "white workers"
just as MIM did, but you better go check yourself on what Stalin
said about what direction the CP-USA was erring on the question.

You see Stalin was one of those for MIM's "pet theories."

It's too bad you prefer Gus Hall over Stalin and Victor Perlo
over Lenin.


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