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Tue Aug 27 19:15:20 MDT 1996

dear friends,

I think that those who want to put the kabosh on open political  joust , pier 6,
dragoon  style, unmoderated debate on M1are acting worse than little kids who
not like the present  negative score for their side  in a match
and  want grab up all their marbles and go home and whine--and then the next day
proclaim what a great performance they gave.

Look, all the regulars here, from  different and opposed political trends, have
had their pants (and drawers)  pulled down a few times.So what? If it helps
bring debate into the open, expose contradiction and make the
activists/workers re-examine, think through again, their views/methods, is that
not a big step forward for marxism, especially as concerns  the near-moribund &
sclerotic  US trends? One of the reasons some get flabberghasted is also the
objective situation in the class struggle where motion and fight back is pretty
low ebb--but this is slowly changing underneath the surface and we will get our
opportunities to rebuild the marxist/communist trend
in many countries over the next 5-10 years.

As even  the chief whiner L. Proyect admits, the net lists of marxist discourse
and debate is reaching not only petty bourgeois radicals now, but daily more
real proletarians are getting access, (actually mainly  thru 'public'
schools/colleges , libraries, getting used PCs , etc)..
So, lets lick our wounds, patch up our egos and openly and honestly  come out
slugging(above the belt) for ways to build a serious mass workers trend that
will take on the ruling class and their state, media, etc.

I  also would warn that left groups & individuals that i have noticed over a
couple decades that "don't want to use the term communist or socialist or even
marxist' actually are dissing the workers intelligence and really
just want the  condescending savioirs & bogarting role . Most workers (in active
motions) can well get down the ABCs of trends, goals , in fact quickly when
sustained motion shatters the lull.

Outfits that don't want the "C" word or  the "S" word used in open struggles now
, or publicized in an ebb period
to fight for it are hardly going to be able to fight for ANY revolutionary
marxist principles when things start to get hot again .


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