PERU: People's Army Takes Over Towns.

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                     BRIEF NEWS

People's Army of Liberation (EPL) led by the Communist Party of
Peru (PCP) took over the town of La Morada and called on all
residents to resist and combat against Fujimori's reactionary
Army and its low intensity warfare. This is the second time in 20
days the EPL enters La Morada. Executives of the private company
"Palma del Pino" informed that in the last month the company's
installations have been continuously attacked, and that another
three trucks have been confiscated by the EPL. The evaluation of
Peru's National Police is that 200 EPL combatants divided in four
columns are deploying political-military operations in the area;
it also confirmed the PCP has reactivated various People's
Committees of Workers and Peasants around the town of
Situlli (Tocache province) [daily La Republica, July 3, 1996].

PCP COMBAT FORCE STRIKES. On July 3, at 9:30 pm, a Maoist force
composed of four EPL combatants wearing police uniforms launched
explosives and destroyed the offices of the private utility
Edelnor in the San Martin de Porres district (Lima). Edelnor
is well known for its abusive price increases of electricity in
Lima's poor neighborhoods. Three people were injured [El
Comercio, La Republica, July 4, 1996].

HUALLAGA. PEOPLE'S ARMY ADVANCES. A mobile column of the People's
Army of Liberation (EPL) led by the Communist Party of Peru (PCP)
attacked and defeated a special forces battalion in Santa Rosa de
Mishollo (Tocache). The battle took place at 11:30 am when the
special forces unit was "pacifying" the area. The EPL
forces surrounded the area of operations and launched a lightning
surprise attack; the special forces battalion retreated in panic
and confusion. Reported casualties are three soldiers and two
EPL combatants [Expreso, July 4, 1996]. Note: the combats in the
Tocache area are the continuation of various mobile operations
being conducted by the EPL in the Huallaga Valley since mid June
1996. In response, government airborne troops and helicopters led
by the elite brigade "Los Linces" started a gigantic
"pacification campaign" in the Leoncio Prado province where
previously an Army convoy was ambushed. The ambush was conducted
by the EPL and resulted in three soldiers killed and ten
seriously wounded [as reported by La Republica, June 22, 1996].

PERUVIANS WANTED BY INTERPOL. The chief of Interpol in Peru,
Police Colonel Francisco Salinas, announced a list of 350
Peruvians wanted for criminal actions in 176 countries. Peru's
former President Alan Garcia Perez is first in the list for
corruption charges, money laundering, fraud, extortion, cocaine
trade and appropriation of public funds. Salinas announced the
list to celebrate INTERPOL's 33 anniversary [Andina News, July 5,

Three individuals were the target of a Maoist combat unit in the
district of Vuidibuyllo, Pataz. The three casualties had openly
collaborated with SIN (Peruvian CIA) in advertising "a call for
peace", distributed copies of SlN's "Big Decision and Big
Definition", and collected the names of Maoist combatants through
harassment of their relatives. In another action, in the town of
Retama, 17 combatants of the People's Army (EPL) liberated radios
and communications equipment from the Ministry of Transportation
and Communication's local office [Expreso, July 3, 1996].

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