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Tue Aug 27 23:33:38 MDT 1996

Gary MacLennan wrote:
> Comrades
> I wonder if I could interrupt the wake on this list for a moment.  I have a
> friend who needs to do a project on  the impact of  the decline of
> Communism in China on the World Economy. Specifically he is interested in
> whether the increase in commodification form the growth of capitalism will
> produce such an ecological crisis that communism will be once more on the
> agenda.  But if so will it not be motivated by Scarcity rather than
> Abundance as in Marx's original vision.
> Could someone- please- comment or suggest a reading?
> Regards
> Gary

The Communist Party of China would say that Communism is not on the
decline in China. They would say that what is happening is a tempory step
away from Socialism, but that it is still very much on the agenda. It
would be an interesting project to look at why this is, but the original
concept would be very hard to argue convincingly.

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