why marxism-internat-moderated ?

lisa rogers lrogers at burgoyne.com
Tue Aug 27 18:07:31 MDT 1996

Because several people suggested something like this.
Somebody volunteered to help run it.
The proposal was quite thorough in the description of the list's intent
and mission and moderative efforts, and it sounded interesting,
different from the M1 model, like it might generate different ideas and

Of course Spoon has to decide what it will support with its labor, but I
really don't have a handy summary of what everybody said.

After reading Gary's remarks about fear, and witnessing the reaction of
a few people to the "destruction of m1", I think I am coming to a new
appreciation of what this list seems to mean to some people.  It seems
like little to ask, for me, to say hey, just sub to a list.  It's easy.
 It's how we all got here.  So what's the big deal?

Well, you all don't know Spoon much, and may have no reason to trust
anything, etc.

Especially newbies may have not seen my track record onlist, such as it
is.  But think about it this way: however you may question or disagree
with our actions, Spoon would never have supported a marxism list for
two years if it were not interested in human development and
emancipation, would it?

You can speculate all you like, but just because we don't announce our
party affiliations and "lines" and "positions" or whatever you all think
is the proper litmus test for a "proper" marxist, that does not make us
useless or reactionary.

Vladimir, I know I get downright snide sometimes, esp. when very
irritated by what I see as unwarranted and wasteful attacks upon myself
and Spoon.  But that IMO was just my way of saying that was my opinion,
that I didn't necessarily feel that I was speaking for all of Spoon at
the time.

Now I see that many people really are afraid of losing something they
desire, even desparately afraid sometimes, and I wish I could reassure
you, but I don't know if that is possible.  _I_ know that Spoon is
continuing to exist, to receive proposals, to support lists, _I_ that
Hans, Malgosia and I are not lying to anyone.  In fact, I think that
Spoon's committment to providing e-resources that others can use to
forward their own desires in marxism, that committment is deeper than

Uncertainty, a sensation like falling with nothing to hold onto, can be
very uncomfortable, I know, no matter how much people say it's going to
be okay.  Of course it's the unknown, of course it's going to be
different, of course not everybody will be equally pleased, but I think
it has good potential to be much better, with more opportunities for
more people and more diverse interests to be explored, in more varied

Now obviously Spoon has some kind of power that not everyone has.  It
would be silly to deny it.  It is true that not everybody has equal
access to devices and technical knowledge.  I know that my own
powerlessness is frightening, even this barrage of words on a screen I
feel very sensitive to, or else I would not be writing all these pages
to M1.  I think I'm well aware of the sense of fury and frustration I
feel when those with power over me do what I think is wrong and harmful.

Yet, aware of its special position, Spoon is trying to share its
abilities, to empower others.  What else would you have us do?  There is
no requirement that they do this thing, it is a choice.  Don't overlook
the fact that Spoon is choosing voluntarily to provide list-spaces for
marxism.  Does this mean anything to any of you about the nature of
Spoon and the intentions of its members?

I hope this may provide a little comfort, an easing of the fear for
some.  If I really didn't care, about people, lists and revolution, I
wouldn't bother trying to explain.


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