To All Communists on the List

hariette spierings hariette at
Wed Aug 28 02:25:35 MDT 1996

>I propose that all those who consider themselves communists above all -
>whether they are "stalinists" or "trotskyists," "maoists" or non-party
>communists, like myself - come together and discuss a possibility of
>creating an international Communist List, before the invisible hand
>makes such discussion impossible.
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Hello Vladimir:

Of course it goes without saying that in any eventuality communists and
revolutionaries will find a way to continue to exchange ideas and to
diseminate the facts of the class struggle and the developments of the world

It is evident that the fascist mentality of the Lisas of this world and
their bloodcurling threats are starting a storm in a cup of tea.  What if
they switch off this list?  Did not Gorbachev and Yeltsin "switched off" the
Soviet Union?

What did that do to stop communists from raising their flags once again?
Did that stop in anyway the unstoppable march towards communism?

Have no fear that if the "worst comes to the worst" it would not in anyway
obliterate what has been achieved and ways will be found to re-establish it
in a better and more advanced form.


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