The elegant baroness from M2 speaks!

Robert Malecki malecki at
Wed Aug 28 03:30:11 MDT 1996

Lisa writes;
>How predictable, how malecki, to see everything only in terms of
>somebody being out to get _you_ !

So the elegant Baroness Lisa original list killer and hangwoman is back with
some pskology for malecki. Let it be known to all who are new that it was
the elegant Baroness and her cohorts from the ivory tower who made the
original attack against the M1 list. When they could not exclude the Maoists
Aldolfo and Quispe who were allies at the time, the elegant Baroness and her
friends hopped off and started M2 and threw people including myself and
Boddi, but also Hugh off the list without a trial and in secret discussions
behind our backs. Thinking that not enough they made up the unprecedented
rule on M2 of FORBIDDING the discussion of the creation of the M2 list on
pain of expulsion..Now i wonder why some people get the "being out to get
you" feeling" Doctor elegant Baroness?
>If all this anger and suspicion developed for some good reason and
>has served you in the past, then it makes some sense, but it is not
>helping you much now, as far as I can tell.

All of this anger and suspicion is well grounded in the *real* actions of
just people like yourself who through concrete practice have tried for
months to bureaucratically get rid of people at Jefferson village. Not in
the least your incredible *real* actions in the creation of M2..
>The nonsense and recriminations, accusations and paranoia that have
>been exhibited on this list the last few days are the BEST ARGUMENT
>for turning off this list right now.  People who are suggesting ideas
>for new-formed list/s or are actually carrying on substantive threads
>on race or religion, that is the ONLY REASON for leaving the list
>running for now.  IMO

The nonsense on this list comes from Louis P. and some of the other list
Mensheviks, liberals, and Stalinists who have been building a rotten and
secret block with the conservative spoons and people like yourself in order
to shut down M1. This has been your goal Lisa since the creation of M2.
>Is it not clear yet that there will be an unmoderated general list?

There already is such a list! It is called M1. So why all the acrobatics
about this stuff? In fact i see it as a backhanded way to kill a list which
already serves as an unmoderated list here at Jefferson village.
>So, if you are so sure that it will be better than a moderated list,
>and you think so many people agree with you, then you can all join
>that list and be happy together!!

I am already on a list which works just fine! And as history of just your
activities here at Jefferson village proves no poor or working class person
in his right mind should believe anything you say Lisa. You have through
your own actions in the creation of M2 proved that you would put a knife in
anyone ones back, because you disagree with their style and line. Especially
those like myself who represent one style, but also the maoists, Neil, Hugh
and others who do not pass in to the elegant Baroness and ivory towers
world. And that Louis is blocking with the ivory tower is no surprise! In
fact is political trajectory is going exactly in that direction.
>Mind you, this is NOT because anyone has a "right" for Spoon to
>provide volunteer technical support for their postings, NOT because
>of the cynical and self-serving use of the claim of bourgeois "free
>speech".  All these claims that everything spoon does is for the
>purpose of "gagging" you is ridiculous, partly because you have no
>respect for the wishes of some others to not get all your stuff in
>their mailboxes.

I see! Now you are saying that the woes of the spoons and the cries from
certain people are above the right to free speech on and open unmoderated
list that M1 has represented. In other words the "respect" for certain
individuals preferences about what goes into their mailbox comes before the
very basis of M1.

This is what the charter to M1 says about this!


Naturally for someone like the elegant Baroness Lisa these words certainly
will not stop her from trying to kill M1. She already tried that by creating
M2 and now she sees her chance to block with Louis and friends to make that
long time goal of hers a reality..
>If "moderated" lists are all so sure to be boring, etc. then nobody
>will join them, right?  So why aren't you just thrilled with this
>state of affairs?  How can nasty little specialized lists "gut" m1,
>when the only people that would leave m1 wouldn't be your kind of
>people anyway, according to your own argument???

If people want moderated lists then they should go build them. But keep your
elegant hands off of M1.
>But I don't expect that any of this will make a difference to Malecki
>and company.  Because that is exactly what is so annoying about Rolf
>and a few others, they don't show many signs that they have actually
>heard anything that others say to them, it's not a discussion, not an
>engagement, just a one-way bombardment of the list with the same old
>repetitious line, regardless of any objections from the audience.

The above is probably the Scarlett O'Hara saying of the list. Why them dum
niggers ain,t hearin nothin that you'd say Miss Scarlett!

Stop the preaching Lisa. I can also say that the Mensheviks and liberals on
this list keep bombarding us with the same old garbage. Despite the nice
words and various topics the bottom line is betrayal of poor and working
class people. But you are just trying to paint certain people as idiots and
assholes. You have learned your lesson well Lisa! You treat poor and working
class people like myself the same way that the new left has treated women!
How does it feel to be on the giving end of the stick instead of the
receiving end Lisa? I have always said that bougeois feminists only want to
reverse the forms of repression. You prove this to me with your Scarlett
O'Hara drivel.
>Your renewed campaign to make a mountain out of nothing only makes
>you look bad.  A boy who cries wolf, even.

We shall see who looks bad. By the way for poor and working class people
things are pretty bad already. And the intellectual left under the guise of
"reforming" the list are making things worse. Despite what some of the
people on this list think of Malecki and his antics the bottom line of this
campaign is to attack the very basic principle of workers democracy. A list
where anybody (except facists and *real* cops are welcome) to discuss there
particular brand of solutions to the oppression they find themselves
involved in. Naturally some of us are worlds away from each other in life
experience. And the actions of yourself and others seems to be a clear
message to poor and working class people. DON'T BOTHER!

If you think you can just come in here an be "uppity" and say what you
believe is right for poor and working class people, FORGET IT. Because the
"marxist" intellectuals on this list are gonna keep you all down. If you do
not accept this fact quietly then we have other ways to stomp on your head.

The past and present antics of the elegant Baroness and her new found
friends on M1 have shown me quite clearly one thing. Your hate of poor and
working class people. That you are prepared to do anything if they appear
here in order to find and fight for a way forward.

Finally a question to the feminist elegant Baron Von Lisa. How does it feel
to join in and go bashing and slandering poor and working class people?
People without formal education. People in exile.

In fact you are doing exactly the same thing that you claim men do to women
against poor and working class people. Once we had a discussion about a
prostitute and a mine worker. Remember? Well, I,ll take that prostitute as a
friend and ally over the likes of you Lisa.

Because you are turning ideological tricks for your masters. My prostitute
friends just do it in order to survive!

Robert Malecki

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