In Defense of the Communist List

Robert Malecki malecki at
Wed Aug 28 03:30:19 MDT 1996

>Louis: I get a real chuckle out of this. I have been empowering more real
>working-class people about the Internet than anybody on the list. Tomorrow
>I will be on a radio show dealing with "Labor and the Web", hosted by the
>Communications Workers of America. I gave a workshop to the woman's
>committee of the union a couple of months ago. Of the 16 women in
>attendance, all but two were African-American. The class made a big hit.
>At the Brecht Forum in NY where I give the same workshop, nearly half of
>the two hundred people who have attended have been female and nearly half
>of them have been African-American. Many are organizers of community
>groups that want to use the Internet to forge links with similar
>groups in other cities. The Internet is definitely not just the domain of
>the white and the privileged. Just recently an Internet Cafe opened up in
>the barrio of East Harlem in NY.

Ha Ha What a joke! The same man that pisses on the work of the Black
Panthers, the Russian workers, and malecki--a hero of Harlem..Well, i did
some organising in my day to Louis. Naturally nothing like the cloudy stuff
above. But more down to earth things like feeding,clothing,and housing poor
and working class people in the slums. In return i received a save haven in
my adventurist activities directed at the government and Dow Chemical. Today
it is more activity in the trade union envionment, the struggle against
racism, and unemployment. But the difference is i try to do it with
Trotskyist politics today..
>What ordinary working people won't have patience for, I guarantee you, is
>the kind of self-indulgence that takes place on this list. The
>phrase-mongering, the special pleading for one sect or another, the jargon
>would drive any real worker away.

For our Harlem hero of Internet everything is jargon and self-indulgence.
Well, i can pretty much walk into any place where poor and working class
people find themselves and talk about things. In fact the more difficult
part is trying to get poor and working class people to understand the
neccessity of taking things into their own hands and move forward. But your
recipe is just to play the Menshevik
"house nigger" and accuse the others of being horrible phrase mongerers and
By the way the organisation you belong to or support is not exactly a mass
organisation is it?

>The irony is that it is the "proletarian" aspect of left politics in the
>United States that ensures its petty-bourgeois character.
>"Marxism-Leninism", by draping itself in the colors, symbols and languages
>of other revolutions, alienates the average working-person. The groups,
>therefore, who stylize themselves as "proletarian" have an exclusively
>petty-bourgeois character no matter how many members work at an
>assembly-line. Real workers can be won to socialism today, but it will not
>be to any group that includes the words "Communist" or "Revolutionary" in
>its name.

That is not the point Louis. The point is and orientation towards poor and
working class people with a program for revolution. It has nothing to do
with the left putting on working clothes and posing for the camera. The left
is "petty bougeois" in its character in the United States. Because most of
them come from another class other then the poor and working class. But the
point is that revolutionary ideology comes from just such intellectuals who
in the future International will be an important part of of helping to
translate revolutionary politics to something the poor and working class can
use as a tool to forge their own independent and revolutionary future..

So declassed elements of intellectuals will certainly play and important
role. But it is the poor and working class that will have to put the program
into practice..By the way your anti-internationalism and anti-Russian (ie
inability to defend the once degenerated workers state) comes shining
through. Naturally i understand that you too have been effected by the
anti-communism of the McCarthy era. But your anti-communism comes out in
putting down the Leninists and their successors in a more direct and
Menshevik way.

I guess in the tearooms where Louis thrives support to the Sandinistas is
just fine! But to defend the gains of the October Revolution in the United
States or to call yourself a "communist" well that won,t work according to
Louis. Talk about cowardly Menshevik capitulation to anti-communism. Well
Louis you certainly must get fairly high on the list.


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