"Uppity" Proyect!

Robert Malecki malecki at algonet.se
Wed Aug 28 03:30:40 MDT 1996

>>As I said before you
>(Louis P. P.)
>>are a synical ex-SwPer moving to the right
>I think an equally exact term is "psycho prevert".
>>And your attitude will push workers into the arms of the Nazis!
>>bob malecki
>>Note; Uppity is a classical word used during slavery for blacks who were
>>sucking up to the powers that be. The real heroes like John Brown were
>Now that we're on terms, I learned another one here is Sweden in
>1969: "house-nigger". The USA had craftily, to evade some of the
>criticism against the Vietnam war, named a black ambassador to
>Sweden, called Holland. The press reported shocked: The first
>thing that had happened to him at the airport was that he'd
>been called "nigger" to his face. In fact it was "house-nigger"
>and it was another black man, deserter from the USA Sherman Adams,
>who'd used that term, meaning, one paper explained, a person
>who gets to be somewhat better off and therefore goes with
>the "massas". I've sometimes thought we in Sweden are a bunch
>of house-niggers, but this essentially isn't true after all;
>this would be "MIMickry".
>!Abajo la supresi'on contra el marxismo por los psichicos prevertos!
>Rolf M.

Sherman Adams was also a Black Panther living in exile. He died under
mysterious circumstances on an operation board in Denmark.

He left behinf him numerous ex-wifes and kids..

A really nice guy..

bob malecki

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