To Vladimir

Robert Malecki malecki at
Wed Aug 28 03:31:08 MDT 1996

>Vladimir, nobody is taking anything away.  I thought this had been said
>enough times, but I guess not.  There will be a big unmoderated list, and
>a big moderated list, and a bunch of small list for people who want small
>lists.  None of these lists will be called simply "marxism"; this was a
>natural name when we only had one marxism list, but not when we have many.
>Regarding your question of "who pays", nobody I know of is paying anybody
>I know of for anything spoon does.  Undoubtedly someone somewhere pays
>someone somewhere for the computer resources that are offered for our use
>by the people at U Virginia.

Coming from a person who was deeply involved in the purge of "Karl" from the
Foucault list I feel reassured about your honest intentions..

Sure and pigs fly! Right...

bob malecki

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