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dear Jim:
hello1 How are yoU? I wa strying to phone you but I never reach you.
regards to July and the kids

On Fri, 16 Aug 1996 07:20:55 -0400  CAGJimKane at aol.com wrote:
>Mhy is it that both Adam Rose and Steve Wallis insist on putting "UK" as
>of their addresses?
>"United Kingdon of Great Britain and Northern Ireland", too give it its
>Now, I know that Militant take a lousy position with regard to the armed
>struggle for national liberation in Ireland, but surely this is taking it a
>bit far even for them.
>And I wonder what Adam Rose's comrades in the Socialist Workers Movement in
>Ireland think of him using the term UK in this way? I wonder what Eamonn
>McCann would have to say abouut it.
>There is a serious issue here - even though I am only pulling this pair's
>- I dn't seriously think that all Trotskyists and semi-Trotskyists in
>Manchester hold pro-Unionist views on the question of Ireland. Some who
>themselves Communists in this country [concretely, the supporters of the
>Weekly Worker newspaper] have put out the idea of adopting the title
>"Communist Party of the United Kingdom," arguing that the workers in both
>Britain and the occupied six counties of north-east Ireland should unite to
>fight in a single organisation against the "real" enemy - British
>I'm sure our friends in Manchester would not go along with that. Or would
>they? Perhaps they'd like to let us know what they think about Ireland and
>the struggle there.
>For Communism and Irish freedom
>BM Box 4473
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