The elegant baroness from M2 speaks!

Doug Henwood dhenwood at
Wed Aug 28 10:58:30 MDT 1996

At 4:54 PM 8/28/96, Rolf Martens wrote:

>Robert M. wrote:
>>So the elegant Baroness Lisa original list killer and hangwoman is back with
>>some pskology for malecki. Let it be known to all who are new that it was
>>the elegant Baroness and her cohorts from the ivory tower who made the
>>original attack against the M1 list. When they could not exclude the Maoists
>>Aldolfo and Quispe who were allies at the time, the elegant Baroness and her
>>friends hopped off and started M2 and threw people including myself and
>>Boddi, but also Hugh off the list without a trial and in secret discussions
>>behind our backs. Thinking that not enough they made up the unprecedented
>>rule on M2 of FORBIDDING the discussion of the creation of the M2 list on
>>pain of expulsion..Now i wonder why some people get the "being out to get
>>you" feeling" Doctor elegant Baroness?
>Interesting. Sounds as if might be true.

Wow, Martens and Malecki engaging in virtual conversation. How's your joint
venture for producing glow-in-the-dark pork products going?



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