Race and Godena/MIM

Louis R Godena louisgodena at ids.net
Wed Aug 28 14:15:32 MDT 1996

Dear Mr & Ms MIM;

Thanks for stopping in.

Actually,  I only said those things after Rakesh summarily regurgitated
Volumes A - L of Bowkers' Books in Print.   The crack about there being no
genetic basis for racial categories,  as pejoratively used by American
social scientists,  educators, and businessmen,  came by quite innocently.
Originally,  it's moral content was nil.

I was pleased to hear about Mr-----------,  you're comrade here in
Providence,   but sorry to hear about his sojourn at the Adult Correctional

After all,  wouldn't YOU set fire to the hobby shop that sold you a model
airplane kit with parts missing?

Write soon,

Louis Godena

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