Green Alert! Endangered Crustaceous Wildlife in Rhode Island

Maoist Internationalist Movement mim3 at
Wed Aug 28 15:37:33 MDT 1996

Dear Mr. Godena:

We regret to inform you that we have rejected
your application to serve in MIM's special services
bureau to infiltrate the Democratic Party.

There were many strong candidates and an unlimited
number of openings.

Reasons for denial of employment

1. Ability to change the subject rapidly
when straying into serious discussion of oppression.	Y

2. Experience in kneejerk demagoguey against
criminals.						Y

3. Readiness to blame the unemployed individually.	Y

4. Quickness in ridiculing the determination of the
proletariat.						Y

5. Medical exam						N

Considering your excellent record, we asked our medical
experts to reconsider their findings, but they insisted
that a test of your spine came up negative, as in none
at any medically detectable levels.

At first we thought our good doctor was confirming your
readiness for the assignment, but he assured us that
you could not afford to leave Rhode Island beaches
without a shell covering you. He added that when he
finds a rare case like yours, he usually throws it back in.

Thank you for your consideration. We'll let you
know if any assignments come up on Cape Cod.


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