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>> Vladimir Bilenkin wrote:
>> >
>> > I propose that all those who consider themselves communists above all -
>> > whether they are "stalinists" or "trotskyists," "maoists" or non-party
>> > communists, like myself - come together and discuss a possibility of
>> > creating an international Communist List, before the invisible hand
>> > makes such discussion impossible.
>> >
>> > Vladimir
>> >
>> >
>> I am non of the above. Can Marxist-Leninists join too?
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>> Best wishes,
>> Richard.
>In fact, I believe that it is Marx and Lenin - the common heritage of all
of the above -
>who constitute the basis for the solidarity of ALL communists today.  We
still have a
>chance of making it our common *rock* to create a Communist List dedicated to
>revolutionary praxis.  But time is running out.

Isn't that heritage rather incomplete?  The international proletariat _ and
would like to stress the world international - have three great teachers in
their historical experience which are likewise their greatest peaks. Just
like Marx and Lenin can not be divorced, neither can Chairman Mao Tse-tung.
It is time that the Eurocentric view - which is but an expression of
social-democratic, social chauvinistic thinking - should be overcome, and
marxist should make a conscious effort in that direction.

In the proletariat historical experience, to excise the role of Chairman Mao
is not only chauvinistic, but down right absurd, since it is the teachings
of Mao Tse-tung which are now fundamental to the survival of Marxism and are
leading the actual revolutionary struggles - understood as armed struggle
for the conquest of power for the proletariat - in the world today.

He who ignores the indisoluble link of the Marxist experience and
theoretical development in its entirity, cannot in fact be a thoroughgoing
Marxist-Leninist, nor even a consistent Marxist.


PS:  Time will never run out for the proletariat, Vladimir. The proletariat
is "the flame that shall never be die". Time is always on the side of the
revolution too. Only the bourgeoisie, the dying class, somehow feels it
running shorter and shorter.

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