From Vladimir: To Lisa and Malgosia

Vladimir Bilenkin "achekhov at" at
Wed Aug 28 18:43:42 MDT 1996

I must apologize for not being able to reply to your prompt and reasoned argumentation
at this time.  I can only say that even according to the elementary norms of the
bourgeois "public relations," the Spoon Administration, who provides services in the
public space, owes their users at least an explanation for any change that can seriously
disrupt these services or change the conditions for providing them.  While using the
services or the property of the Provider, the users of M1 have created a property of
their own, albeit of a very specific kind and which to my knowledge is not recognized by
the bourgeois property laws.  I have in mind, of course, a discursive, moral and
psychological continium created by their collective intellectual, emotional, and moral
investment.   This continuum, this "property" is now about to be destroyed. Only people
who refuse to recognize in intellectual production a form of labor can dismiss our
request for explanations by pointing out that their services are "free."  Don't you
think that by inviting us to use these services the Spoons have taken, at least, a moral
responsibility not to destroy what has been created by us with their help without some
very serious reasons.  To explain these reasons is all we ask.



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