Are Jesus, Buddha & Company Enemies of the People?

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Wed Aug 28 19:36:50 MDT 1996

>Adolfo agrees that some of the sayings of religious teachers are not
compatible with capitalism.
>Let us take, for example, the religious teaching that all men should live
as brothers.  Since
>communism strives for a society which puts an end to the exploitation of
man by man, is not the
>exhortation "all men should live as brothers" compatible with communism?
This needs elaboration.
>Sincere regards,
>Wei En Lin

The religious teaching is not all men should live like brothers.  It is all
men should live like brothers under the Lord and mother Church!

The main teaching of religious leaders is reconciliation of classes!
marxism is about the class struggle!

It is also false to say that we are out to erase religion from peoples minds
by crude imposition, nor than collaboration with religious people as people
may be impossible under the conditions of proletarian dictatorship or in
joint struggles for democratic rights and social conquests under the
bourgeois dictatorship.  However, Marxism must reaffirm its MILITANT
MATERIALISM, and moreover, such collaboration can only be fruitful when
Marxists are clear and above board with the working class on the question of
the DECEPTION which religion, religious ideas, and in particular religious
organisations which raise this deception to the POLITICAL LEVEL in respect
of their class aims which are not to live "like brothers" now, but to fight
like lions for the abolition of classes, the abolition of the state and its
apparatus including Churches, and the debunking of metyhaphisics and
superstition in general.

If some "Marxists", instead of attempting to deconstruct Marxism while
sucking up to "Liberation Theologists" and celebrating like Christmas every
apparently revolutionary utterance of the most platitudinous cassocked
fellow who lets off steam in the name of this or that religion, were to
promote their own ideas, leaders, writings, organisations, etc. with the
same enthusiasm, then we would not be having so much talk about the much
proclaimed "crisis" of Marxism.
Sometime I wonder, since that in which we are suppossed to be involved is
the class STRUGGLE - i.e. a "competition", how come we cannot even apply the
basic tenet that you do not make your rivals - in this case the POLITICAL
REPRESENTATIVES OF THE RELIGIOUS - i.e. the establishment ideologists -
gratuitous propaganda nor praise their wares in front of your own public.
If promoting Coca Cola was the business of such "marxists" their message
would sound a bit like "I work for Coca Cola, but I think that Pepsi is
really the one you should be drinking if you know what is good for you"!

I think that a good dosis of MILITANT MATERIALISM at this point is a good
recipe to begin to reverse these roles.  Let the priests praise communism
and the proletarian dictatorship, let them recognise the great importance of
the revolutionary action of the class with a quarter of the grovelling
invested by some of these "marxists" upon every POLITICAL DECEPTION
concocted by the religious organisms.  Then we'll talk about the role that
these may play in revolution.  By the way, and while we are talking of three
impossible things before breakfast, when is hell going to freeze over Mr.


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