From Vladimir: To Lisa and Malgosia

malgosia askanas ma at
Wed Aug 28 19:53:44 MDT 1996

Vladimir, it seems to me that the reasons you're asking for should be amply
evident from, if nothing else, the current discussion.  Many people find
this list intolerable.  Some of these people have unsubbed over time, others
have stayed but continually expressed their bitterness.  Some have joined
M2, but many have not found it a sufficient alternative.  In short, the
current Spoon marxism space has left a lot of people out of the discussion.
As for this list, we are alternately accused of destroying it through
inaction and destroying it through action; through overmoderation and

We simply think that the restructuring we propose will offer a better set
of options and serve more people, while not ceasing to serve those
that it currently serves.  We want to commit the unmoderated general list
list to being unmoderated, and the moderated one ("moderated" in the sense of
being goverened by a set of rules) to being moderated.  And we want neither
of these two to be called "marxism" and to be thereby singled out as _the_
primary Spoon marxism list.  I don't think I can explain it any better
than that, so if this explanation is insufficient, so be it.


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