Stop the Poison of Co-RIM.

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Contingents of supporters of the People's War in the U.S. led by the MPP
participated in 10 mass rallies during July and August in NY, NJ and
Chicago. In Chicago, the Peruvian and American comrades joined in two mass
counter-demostrations against the Democratic convention. Thousands of
PCP leaflets and documents were distributed to workers, students and
political activists. 2,000 copies of the July/August issue of the New
Flag were also distributed amongst the masses in the rallies and streets
of Chicago.

On the other hand, the RCP and Co-RIM has launched their offensive of
slanders and lies against the People's War. There is a RCP Internet offensive
with a Web page dedicated to promote the alleged "two line struggle in the
PCP on the peace talks."  Abroad, the "Maoist" political economist,
Raymond Lotta, attended an international seminar on the National Question in
Delhi India. The Revolutionary Worker (RW), organ of the of the RCP-USA,
interviewed Lotta on his return (RW, July 7, 1996). Mr. Lotta, a member
of the RCP Central Committee, spread the poison of the Co-RIM and the RCP
on the People's War. Four times in the printed interview spoke of the
Two Line Struggle inside the Communist Party of Peru (PCP). Lotta ignores
the statement of the PCP of Oct. 7, 1993, which points out that the "peace
negotiations hoax" is part of the low intensity warfare under order of
Yankee imperialism and the CIA; in a vain attempt to defeat the People's War.
No body with a ounce of brains could believe this clumsy and ridiculous hoax!
This is 1996 and the "peace talks", by own admision of the genocidal
Fujimori and his senderologists and fake journalists. has miserable
failed, but still the revisionists spread their poison. No doubt Mr. Lotta
will run from one international conference to another trying to whip up
support for their counter-revolutionary line.

The revisionists cannot stop the People's War in Peru. Nor can they stop
the march of history.

Down with revisionism!
Long Live the People's War!
Uphold the science of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism!

Peru People's Movement (MPP). August 1996.

Published by the New Flag
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Queens, NY 11106

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