Status Report 3

Adam Rose adam at
Thu Aug 29 02:22:54 MDT 1996

I quite like the proposals for the "lean" list.
The discipline of "one post per day per thread" seems a good one.

I have an essentially hypocritical attitude to the other, "small"
lists. If I am interested in those subjects ( Marxism-Feminism,
Marxism and human nature ) , I'd want them discussed on the general
lists, and I am therefore OPPOSED to the existence of separate lists.

If I dislike either the subject matter or the way the subject matter
is usually discussed ( PostModern marxism , Marxism and culture ) , I'd
much prefer that the people who particularly irritate me sod off to
separate lists and leave me alone.

And no one has really addressed the issue of cross posting. On the one
hand, if significant cross posting is allowed, people who subscribe to
many lists will be MORE deluged with mail than at present. And if it is
not allowed, will the general lists become places where neither culture
nor womens oppression is discussed ?


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