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Hugh wrote, re my reply to Robert :

>Principled criticism isn't abuse, except to sectarian ears

Of course it isn't. However, the phrase 'reformist and
centrist traitors' was used in relation to the CPGB, Militant
Labour and the Socialist Alliances. I put it you that this use
of language for these comrades is closer to abuse than criticism.

> As the strength of
>consciously Marxist revolutionary alternatives grows, the
ability of those
>arguing group or party policy to listen to criticism
constructively will
>also grow, and those sticking to sectarian positions will be
edged out.

Well I hope you're right about that Hugh, but on past experience
I don't share you're optimism. BTW, do you mean by this that you
see the growth taking place outside the existing groups and
being injected into them, rather in the way that Leninists
imagine themselves injecting consciousness into the class ? Or
do you see any of the existing groups being capable of learning
>from experience enough to eventually become a new leadership ?

>the crisis of proletarian leadership will be
>resolved by working to solve the most important tasks facing
the working
>class, and providing convincing explanations to those working
with us as to
>why our perspective on these tasks and our approach to solving
them offers
>the best way forward.

Well I would be unwise to reject such a counsel of perfection.
But is this a new way of looking at the crisis ? If so, what
have the trotskyist movement, the left communists, and many
others been doing since WW2 ? Have they not been trying to solve
the problems of the class and explain themselves ? And has the
result of all this explaining been clarity and progress ?

Jj Plant

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