Richard B turns his back on Uncle Joe

Hugh Rodwell m-14970 at
Thu Aug 29 10:47:45 MDT 1996

>Vladimir Bilenkin wrote:
>> I propose that all those who consider themselves communists above all -
>> whether they are "stalinists" or "trotskyists," "maoists" or non-party
>> communists, like myself - come together and discuss a possibility of
>> creating an international Communist List, before the invisible hand
>> makes such discussion impossible.

and Richard WD Bos replied:

>I am non of the above. Can Marxist-Leninists join too?

Interestingly, you don't consider yourself a communist.

Perhaps obviously, you don't want to consider yourself a Stalinist, but in
that bit, Vladimir was talking about what people are, not what they see
themselves as. Stalinism, to which you subscribe, is where you belong.



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