Are Jesus, Buddha & Company Enemies of the People?

Siddharth Chatterjee siddhart at
Thu Aug 29 10:55:11 MDT 1996

On Wed, 28 Aug 1996, Louis R Godena wrote:

> Mr Wei En Lin has taken quite a fancy to Rakesh's claim that:
> >'The views expressed by the modern-day Marxists in this forum condemning
> ALL religious people to
> >be devils in sheep's clothing is STRIKINGLY similar to MIM's position that
> the ENTIRE 'white'
> >working class is non-revolutionary and reactionary and to the Trotskyite
> concept of the WHOLE
> >national bourgeoise to be traitors (although many of the national
> bourgeoise in third word
> >countries earn in a year what an ordinary western worker makes in a few
> weeks). This is
> >due to a deep ignorance of the subject at hand and an absence of the
> dialectical viewpoint.

Just to correct the record, it was not Rakesh but myself who uttered the
above. What you say in your post is the well-known henious role
of organized religion in the carrying out of massive crimes and as
bulwark of reactionary ideology. This should be counteracted with all
our strength. But what was also missing from your post was the lack of any
sympathy for religious people like the thousands of priests and nuns
in Latin America who have perished in the fires of class struggle. These
people, while not Marxists, nevertheless, were on the side of the masses
and many of them were ex-communicated by the Vatican. Relative to the
fake labor leaders and a strata of the working class in the west
(who live off the fruits of exploitation), these people were much
more progressive and anti-capitalist and are more likely to be won over.
They are not the same as the likes of Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell.

I seem to remember also  that a
section of the western working class including some left people, fell
for the arch-reactionary Buchannan since he made some fake noises about
the downsizing by corporations and the movement of jobs to Mexico. And
Buchannan is a neo-fascist Catholic who admires Franco and Pinochet. A
'dialectical' view point and approach should be adopted towards the
complex issue of religion. Marx and Engles adopted this view in
their writings on colonialism.  Engles while criticizing the
French atrocities in Algeria, nevertheless called the French conquest
of Algeria as the beginning of progress since it would breakdown the
system of 'asiatic despotism' and usher in capitalism.


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