Define Racism: Were Marx and Engels Racists?

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Thu Aug 29 17:03:50 MDT 1996

> Robert Malecki wrote:
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> > >... marxism has become a playground for middleclass intellectuals
> >rather then and instrument for the working class to find a way forward.
> >
> I think that this was the case in the past. That is, in the sixties and
> seventies when it was a bit of a fashion statement for some people who
> went of to be pillars of the establishment or pet "Media Marxists".
> Now the story is quite different. Our movement is in a rock bottom, no
> frills, no luxury, no prestige position. Those people wouldn't touch real
> Marxism with a bargepole on a long stick! Most of the active Marxists
> that I meet are working class people who are involved because they have
> nothing to lose, and are pissed off enough with this wretched system to
> actually have a chance of getting somewhere this time!
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> Best wishes,
> Richard.

Interesting. I also think that many more people who hate
 the system are afraid to share their feelings with
others let alone to speak up. This is true that in hard times only
really committed people remain true to the cause. But it can be
 more complex with intellectuals.  Many academic marxists made their
careers when Marxism was more fashionable. They have published books,
articles. They are on the record. That's why they cannot turn around
over night.  Instead, they have to drift away, to "change" gradually,
 and then to "celebrate the eternal change." It is also important for
the middle-class to control what Marxism is all about, and someone
>from their midst has to this job because if no one does then the
working poor will give Marxism their own and true meaning.  This is
what they are afraid of.  Would be great if could tell the list
about how the working-class marxist feel about the situation.  I have
not heard any working class voices on this list since I am here.


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