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Thu Aug 29 23:07:51 MDT 1996

Rakesh Bhandari writes

>While Schumpeter is heralded for his theoretical articulation of  *interest
>as a tax on profit* on the one hand and on the other hand the limits of
>*perfect competition* for the dynamic accumulation of capital, Felton
>Shortall shows rather brilliantly  how these theoretical insights into the
>accumulation process were fully anticipated by Marx.

And Rakesh goes on quoting Shortall. Rakesh has shown in this list he is a
rigorous scholar of the accumulation process. Moreover, and what really
matters from my point of view, he has shown to be clear about this
scientific cognition not being an abstract academic question. I am positive
he agrees with me that it is the necessary concrete form taken by the
conscious ruling of the proletariat's revolutionary action through which
capitalism annihilates itself into the society of the freely, therefore,
consciously associated individuals (socialism or communism).

The respect I feel for him obliges me to oppose to his praising of
Shortall, an analysis of how Shortall's paragraphs are made of the most
vulgar appearances. I will develop my critique through two further posts:

1) Shortall's succession of inversions that allow him to arrive at:

2) Shortall's deprivation of the general overproduction crisis of its
substance. The question of the proletariat's conscious revolutionary action
becomes here immediately visible. And, therefore, it provides by the way a
critical point of view concerning the ongoing attempt to further turn any
discussion about this action that could arise here into an abstract matter,
by fragmenting this list.

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