Define Racism: Were Marx and Engels Racists?

Robert Malecki malecki at
Fri Aug 30 00:32:18 MDT 1996

>Robert Malecki wrote:
>> >... marxism has become a playground for middleclass intellectuals
>>rather then and instrument for the working class to find a way forward.
>I think that this was the case in the past. That is, in the sixties and
>seventies when it was a bit of a fashion statement for some people who
>went of to be pillars of the establishment or pet "Media Marxists".
>Now the story is quite different. Our movement is in a rock bottom, no
>frills, no luxury, no prestige position. Those people wouldn't touch real
>Marxism with a bargepole on a long stick! Most of the active Marxists
>that I meet are working class people who are involved because they have
>nothing to lose, and are pissed off enough with this wretched system to
>actually have a chance of getting somewhere this time!
>Best wishes,
>      New Worker Online

Richard, I certainly hope you are right! However this list appears to give
me and entirely different opinion on this question.

bob malecki

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