A word of truth from Gary!

Robert Malecki malecki at algonet.se
Fri Aug 30 00:32:39 MDT 1996

>Ah the only thing that assuages my grief at the decline and fall of the
>Marxism List is that the proposed reorganisatiion will sweep this  filth out
>for ever. Indeed it  will almost be blissful to log on and not have to
>delete Marcelina & her alter ego.
>A list moderated  by Louis P. will do me fine.  It cannot  be what the
>Marxism List once was but it was the likes of Quispe that killed off that

Thanks Gary! Finally someone that lets the beans out of the bag and says why
the list is being reorganised. The only difference between you and the
elegant Baroness or Louis is that they are slicker in perfuming the purge of
certain elements from Jefferson village..

bob Malecki

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