Louis P stakes his claim to new list

Hugh Rodwell m-14970 at mailbox.swipnet.se
Fri Aug 30 03:40:43 MDT 1996

Louis P pontificates:

>This is most useful. Everybody who feels that recent discussions around
>religion vs Marxism, racial divisions within the working-class, Quebecois
>nationalism lack "substance" should definitely stay away from the proposed
>moderated list. You should definitely sign up with the proposed
>unmoderated list where you will be able to hear Robert Malecki call for
>Trotskyist parties many times a day and other vital matters of substance.
>Let's remain friends but go our separate ways.

Sounds like Mr P's marked out the 'proposed moderated list' as his home
turf. So now we know what to expect for every Louis-defined intruder -- a
hosing down a lot worse than acid rain. P by name, pee by nature, so to
say. It'll be a bit like driving through a carwash.

If Louis gets away with spraying vitriol over everybody on the new
'moderated' list, then I'm sure we'll all feel very much at home.



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