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Richard Bos Richard.Bos at hagcott.meganet.co.uk
Thu Aug 29 23:47:11 MDT 1996

Vladimir Bilenkin wrote:

> Interesting. I also think that many more people who hate
>  the system are afraid to share their feelings with
> others let alone to speak up. This is true that in hard times only
> really committed people remain true to the cause. But it can be
>  more complex with intellectuals.  Many academic marxists made their
> careers when Marxism was more fashionable. They have published books,
> articles. They are on the record. That's why they cannot turn around
> over night.  Instead, they have to drift away, to "change" gradually,
>  and then to "celebrate the eternal change." It is also important for
> the middle-class to control what Marxism is all about, and someone
> from their midst has to this job because if no one does then the
> working poor will give Marxism their own and true meaning.  This is
> what they are afraid of.  Would be great if could tell the list
> about how the working-class marxist feel about the situation.  I have
> not heard any working class voices on this list since I am here.
> Comradely,
> Vladimir
> to celebrate

Of course there are working-class people on this list, but in a very
small minority. This is not a cheap medium of communication yet. When
children get used to it in the schools I think they will start using the
internet in libraries or cybercafes. You will see a difference in a few
years. It is only just beginning here in the secondary (high?) schools

Mind you.....if some people think this list too rough for them now, I
dread to think what they will say in the future!

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