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Entrim could be a valid TACTIC inside the SLP. That means that a
revolutionary group should denounce Scargill and the SLP as reformists and
that it should maintain a revolutionary press and intervention.
If some group renounces their revolutionary positions on entry, then entrism
became liquidationism. In this path the International Bolshevik Tendency
(IBT) has started down to transit in Britain when his section decided to  "
liquidate our separate organisation" into the SLP. The previous quote like
the next one is extracted from the letter that the IBT sent to their friend
sin Britain.
"The SLP is NOT a labour party of the counter-revolutionary, pro-imperialist
type. ON THE CONTRARY, its militants have split away from just such a party
with the aim of building something qualitative better. We share this
aspiration and are therefore dissolving our separate organisation in order
to help them do so. We call on all subjective socialists and communists who
agree with the necessity for a new, genuinely socialist and revolutionary
workers party to do the same and join the SLP."
Trotsky used to say that sectarians are opportunists that are afraid from
themselves. The IBT moved from gross sectarianism to gross oportunism. The
SLP have a bourgeois reformist programme with a working class base. The SLP
wants to preserve capitalist Britain even with many of its racist
immigration controls. In that sense the SLP didn’t broke with Labour
counter-revolutionary pro-imperialist programme. The IBT not only said that
the SLP is not a counter-revolutionary party but it is the contrary. Does
this mean that it is a revolutionary or proto-revolutionary one?
The IBT demanded that all the centrists and Stalinists to dissolve inside
the SLP as the way of creating a revolutionary party. A party like this
could not emerge as a product of the joint work with all kind of
self-claimed communists and socialists. It would not emerge if a
revolutionary group could dissolve itself.
As Trotsky argued in the case of revolutionaries inside the US Labor Party,
it is necessary to build a revolutionary party as a pole of attraction to
force splits, and to attract militant workers to revolutionary politics.
Inside the SLP the ex-IBT comrades are not organising any opposition. They
refused to attend the conference of the Revolutionary Platform. They are adapting to the apparatus.
They are practicing the "deep entryism" that its ex-Pabloites teachers from the International Committee practised decades ago inside Labour.

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