An Open Letter to Spoons-Administartion

Vladimir Bilenkin "achekhov at" at
Sat Aug 31 11:12:50 MDT 1996

> Vladimir,
> I am glad to see that you have received a response.  I hope you are hard at
> work and will add a postscript to your document which includes suggested
> possible resources for a list that is not under Spoons' control.  The only
> thing I can think of is that "geocities" apparently provides free web space
> for the asking and depending on the size provided might serve as a place for
> archived materials.  Some members on the list have geocitie web pages and so
> may have information on it.
>       Ang

Thanks for support, Ang. Could not reply earlier due to the
 Spoons shut down since yesterday afternoon.  I am going to
work on this document over the weekend an hope to finish it
 by Wednesday.  I am slow and lousy writer, especially in English.
More thinking has to be done too.

As to possible sites for a communist list, IMO, we need to try
the Spoons first, and only if they insist on some sort of control
over the general list which would would give them power to
 manipulate - rather than facilitate -  our work
IN WHATEVER SUBTLE FORMS it may take, only then we should look
 for something else.

We still can come up with a proposal for a Communist List as forum for
promotion of revolutionary praxis. I also think we need to stop
identifying ourselves on the Spoons as "marxists." This is misleading
 and wrong. Marxism is only a theoretical consciousness of the economic,
social, political, and military struggle of the revolutionary
proletariat.  Communism is a dialectical unity of both. Once Marxism
gets abstracted from this unity, isolated and reified as "theory" it
becomes easily appropriated by the left extreme of the bourgeois
academic and political establishment.  I think it also very important,
psychologically and politically, to openly proclaim ourselves
communists now, precisely at the moment of apparently total
triumph of reaction wordwide.

I doubt though that the Spoons have the guts to feature a list with
such a name.



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