Are Jesus, Buddha & Company Enemies of the People?

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Sat Aug 31 12:27:52 MDT 1996

> Here's a final point for Adolpho, et al. to chew on: Does one have to be a
> "militant materialist" or atheist to be a communist or a communist party
> If so, then we end up restricting party membership to the tiny strata of
> nonbelievers in society and the working class.
> Carl Davidson, Chicago.
>Keep On Keepin' On

Yes. One must be a Marxist - i'e. a dialectical MATERIALIST to be a member
of the Communist Party.  In the last analysis what you have in mind as a
Communist Party is just a social-democrat or Trotskyst party by another
name.  With such strict rules on their membership Communists have been able
to lead the great revolutions of the 20th Century, irrespective of their
numbers, and in fact increasing such numbers from the ADVANCED workers and
peasants, not the backward supertitious ones.

On the other hand, "communists" who would accept believers as Party members
have led to nothing but to kneel in Churches, like that ex-central Committee
memeber of the CPSU Boris Yeltsin!


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