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Sat Aug 31 16:08:55 MDT 1996

I pluck this flower from MIM's most recent post

>MIM replies: Notice how AO still mocks the phrase "white working class"
>when we just proved to him that the CP-USA of 1931 UNDER STALIN's
>EXPLICIT DIRECTIONS started using the phrase "white workers." This
>comes from a man who claims to belong to a Stalin Society, not a Mao
>Society. You can see the difficulties we have here these days
>reclaiming the ORIGINAL principles of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism,
>when the Stalin society feverishly attacks Stalin's words and
>stands up for oppressor nation rights, and does so arrogantly
>without knowledge of the national conditions he is speaking of
>and without a consistent theory for his own intervention, namely
>that there is no Amerikan proletariat and hence the outside proletariat
>better intervene!

It is passages like this, undoubtedly,  that have lead to the documented
instances of parakeets holding in their shit until there was an issue of MIM
Notes lining the bottom of their cage.

Louis Godena

MIM replies: Godena, even your jokes are social-
democratic. Of course parakeets of labor aristocrats
poop on MIM Notes. We aren't going to
change the paper a bit on that account.

That pretty much sums up the whole difficulty
with AO's approach as well. He has written
extensively on the TACTICS and STRATEGY of
addressing the labor aristocracy and or
"masses" as he calls them in defiance of Lenin's
use of the term "masses." But he does all
of this talk without a single paragraph
on the concrete class structure. With the
best of the Anglo pragmatists and Bernstein,
AO is jumping ahead to the strategy and tactics
before taking a detailed stand on the class

After we have a description of the class structure
and we agree on the major political conditions
of the day concerning war and the business cycle,
then we can talk about what strategy and tactics
are appropriate. To do otherwise is simply
un-Marxist. That is not a laughing matter a laughing matter
Mr. Godena.

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