Why Foucault is worth discussing

Julian Samuel jjsamuel at aei.ca
Sat Aug 31 17:09:15 MDT 1996

Dear Louis Godena:

I looked at the works of these "post" morons when I was an undergraduate --
they were petulant middle-class "thinkers" back then as well as now.

Althusser is a much better commentator than the French dandies you mention.
But then you may have problems with him because he did many many nasty
things, and he may not have belonged to the wrong party or something. Was he
in PCF? I forget?

We fought about their "worth" as intellos back then, so please, please don't
ask to go down memory lane. There is so much that is of value on this list
that anyone who depends on ding-bats like Roland Barthes ET AL to
"deconstruct" the universe for them must be an academic stiff who sells
their ideas to under-and-graduate student for profit: The innocent little
students meanwhile don't know that they'll never get jobs teaching this
dog-shit - some may not ever get jobs at all.

I have trashed the French dandies and the like in my Passage to Lahore
[Mercury Press, 1995].

WHAT'S LEFT by Michael Neumann [Broadview Press, 1988] -- humiliates people
who need to get aroused by French "theory".

Sorry if I've been nasty -- its just that it all seem so repetitious, INANE
and inconsequential -- I mean politically -- but THAT may not matter to you.

Oh -- here is someone who may have been influnced by the thunderous French
thinkers you like:

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>Is there anyone working with or writing any postcolonial art theory?
>I'm an art student working in clay, trying to combine traditional
>handbuilding techniques (West African) and 'modern' firing techniques.
>I am using the form of a water/storage pot, altered, stamped, incised etc.
>One reason for using this form is an attempt at taking the 'pot' through
>the middle passage, emancipation, colonialism/imperialism,
>postcolonialism...by way of Jamaica, where I was born. Now I live in the
>US and that is another 'displacement' which affects my work. If anyone has
>any ideas, info, suggestions etc., send them to:
>		scluni01 at solix.fiu.edu
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Like to work in clay anyone?



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