Moderate shit-storm

Chris, London 100423.2040 at
Thu Feb 1 00:34:35 MST 1996

In just over 24 hours, Jerry has posted 12 letters to the co-mod group,
judging by what is in my files.

Together with replies, which maybe we should not have sent, bouncing round
the 5 of us, (Louis was not copied in to most of them), this generated
36 mails in just over 24 hours. About 150 to 200 copies of letters all told.

It felt like being in one of those cyber dungeons, oubliettes or garderobes
that I joked about grimly a few weeks ago, that everyone is free to enter or
leave as they choose.

To be fair, Jerry used no obscene language - the worst was that he was
disgusted by the behaviour of four out of the six co-mods - but the overall
effect was I think rightly referred to by one of the co-mods among ourselves
as being in a "little shit-storm".

To be fair, he, like everyone else, has a right to raise any concerns they have
with anyone. But the shape of the list is not determined by an all powerful
group of co-mods. It is on the list itself that people need to check out
and find out how much positive feeling there is say for a Cuba seminar or
series, what are the risks, and who wants to go with it and who wants to skip it.

I am glad to see this morning from the "who" list that Jerry has subscribed to
the digest function, although he still also subscribes to the regular list
(like almost two thirds of suscribers).

Nothing wrong with that. My request however is that Jerry does not act as if
it is vital that he responds to something he does not like within one hour.

Also that he does not try to control by threats the content of posts but
instead tries to influence by persuasion.

Everyone has a right to post to this list.

No one has an automatic right to be read.

That is the paradox.

We earn that right to be read with each post, and we potentially
risk losing it with each post, because the volume on this list
is such that we all know everyone must skim.

If anyone tries to enforce their point of view on this list,
they risk looking increasingly isolated and ridiculous,
whatever the other merits of their contributions.

That's how I see it anyway.

Chris B

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