A Question to Members of the CPUSA II- To Charlotte

CEP iwp.ilo at ix.netcom.com
Thu Feb 1 01:32:49 MST 1996

    Thank You, charlotte, for your answers to my questions. You have
    proven to be the only courageous member of the CPUSA in this list.
    You actually answered the questions.

    I would like to make a couple of comments and one question:

    1. Your support for the ban of factions and tendencies with the
    argument of being "disruptive" is a bureaucratic whitewash.  The
    Communist Party in the Soviet Union, Poland, Romania and many other
    countries oppossed to "tendencies and factions because they were
    disruptive".  That didn't save those parties to be disrupted and
    overthrown.  In many cases, counter-revolution and restoration of
    capitalism was led by members of those communist parties

    2. The banning of factions and tendencies in a party that calls
    itself Leninist is a contradiction.  Dare to read and discuss this
    issue further?

    3. Your opposition to have an international and the defense of the
    dissolution of the Comintern run directly *against* Leninism.
    Lenin sustained in words, many times, the importance of the
    building the International as the center piece of his strategy and
    *method*.  He founded, with Trotsky and Zinoviev, the Third
    International.  Stalin dissolved the Comintern in order to better
    control the different individual and national parties and to avoid
    organized international discussions because they were "disruptive".
    The dissolution of the Comintern was also a concession to
    imperialism as part of the deals that ended up in the accords of
    Yalta and Postdam.

    4. Your doubts about whether to support or not Sendero need further
    clarification from you.  Are you supporting a bunch of middle class
    Maoists murdering leftists in Peru, including members of your
    sister organization in that country? -- Please, respond.  Mr,
    Godenas answered in many different ways with a YES!.


    P.S.: Just in case you didn't read it before and to avoid you the
    embarrasament of raising the same issue that
    Godenas did: I'm a supporter of "Left Opposition"
    Magazine, a publication of a group of Marxists from different

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